Behavior Plan

Classroom Behavior Plan
On the first day of school, the students and I discuss our classroom rules and the behaviors needed for success throughout the school year. Our classroom rules will be the basis from which they earn positive and negative consequences for their behavior. Classroom behavior will be monitored with a “color chart” in which students move clothespins when making exceptionally good choices (move up) or when needing redirection from the teacher (move down). Every student begins a new day on green! They also have the opportunity to correct the behavior and move their clothespin up during the day.  The values for each color are as follows:

Extra great

Extra good job!

You are doing what you should!

Think about your behavior.
Teacher chooses a consequence.
Parents and principal are contacted.

A record sheet will be sent home daily for the first few weeks of school to inform you of your child’s classroom behavior.  Please review this nightly!

Classroom Rules:
1.    Follow directions quickly.
2.   Raise your hand to speak.
3.    Raise your hand to leave your seat.
4.    Make smart choices.
5.   Keep your dear teacher happy!

Each day that a first grader ends the day on "Green" or above, a ticket is awarded. Students that have 4  tickets at the end of the week will be allowed to have 15 minutes of free time to draw, do puzzles or play with other blocks and toys.


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