Tuesday, August 23, 2011

haPpY TueSdAY!

Dear Parents,
We had another nice day today. We are still learning procedures but are getting better and better. Tomorrow is our first day to go to the library. The kids will be allowed to bring the library book home. I know that the welcome information said that the kids would be bringing home a spelling packet, however, I have decided that we will be doing that in class. You will not need to worry about that. You will want to work on the spelling words at home though. You could have your child try some of the following activities:

1. write the words
2. clap each letter of the word
3. cheer each letter of the word
4. make the words with wiki stix
5. make the words with cheerios
6. trace over each letter of the word with a crayon
7. make the words with magnetic letters
8. make the words with your finger and a container of sand

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