Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope you had a nice weekend . . .

Dear First Grade Families,

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that has sent kind words and concern for my family with our recent events. We so appreciate your thoughtfulness! Thankfully, we are doing well.

We seem to be back to normal at school, having spent a few days practicing our routines and procedures a bit after the return of the teacher. ;) This is normal.

In the next bit we are learning about contractions, measuring capacity, telling time, traditions,
then and now, and counting money.

Speaking of counting money, we are currently working on dimes. Each child needs to bring 10 dimes to school as soon as possible to use for math. If anyone is willing to donate a few extra dimes in case someone is unable to bring them it would be greatly appreciated.

My next question is: Who is an Ipod magician? I have 2 classroom Ipods that have books on CD already on them. I need the titles to be listed by number and then file folders labeled with the corresponding number so that it is easy for the children to find the number of the book on the Ipod and then the book to follow along with in the matching file folder. What I really need is for this to magically happen without me having to figure it out. I can do a lot of things, blog, scrapbook, digital work-but this I just don't want to think about. Any takers that can make this happen?

On an another note, this week's spelling list is challenging. Kids will need to study at home in addition to completing the packet.

Calendar Item: Thanksgiving Break November 23 to November 27. Back to school on the 28th.

Lastly, I am including a layout of the children all dressed in their Halloween costumes. Thanks to all who helped with the party and thank you to Presley's mom for all of her time spent organizing it!

Best Wishes,

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