Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Parts of a Plant and Narrative Writing Project

Dear Parents,
I wanted to share some pictures of our Narrative writing project and the parts of a plant project that we did today. I know that some of you don't have the opportunity to see what we have displayed in the classroom.

 We did this flower/parts of a plant project today. I figured at least we could have Spring inside even if we didn't have it outside today!

We have been working on the Narratives for a couple of weeks or so. The students came up with their idea, wrote 2 rough drafts and a final draft, which is what you see here. They worked really hard!

I heard the kids had a great time at The Wizard of Oz and really enjoyed it! We were visiting our son in Provo and watching his performances. This picture was taken about 11:30 at night after we fed him at Denny's. Way past my normal bedtime, but sooo worth it! Isn't he so cute! (oops, I mean handsome) ;)

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